Socially Distanced from Home


Living far from home and with no expectations to come back due to COVID-19, I embarked virtually to the neighborhood where I grew up, in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as an attempt to  ease the longing for the place I still call home.

Through Google StreetView, I landed in front of the house where I lived and, facing that tall wooden door, I was flooded by 20 years of endless memories.

From there, I left with no clear destination, just walking the streets where I grew up. I followed the path of the bus that used to get me to school and came through joyful coincidences.

I virtually visited my mom staring the building she currently lives in and, from the corner, I was trying to imagine what she would be doing there, locked down since March/2020.

This project is a rescue of my origins; a snapshot of ordinary everyday scenes in the neighborhood that I recognize as home. And above all, it is an attempt to soften one of the biggest side effects caused by social distancing: saudade.